What We Do Is Unique

Our mission at ACCELERATED Strength & Balance is to help men and women create their best possible life, one that’s rich in health and happiness.
Whether your objectives are to lose weight, burn fat, develop more strength and stamina, reduce pain and stress, or to simply feel more confident and attractive, at ASB we are committed to coaching you through these challenges and guiding you down the path toward your best life.
Maybe it’s been a challenge to find the time to exercise. Or maybe you just aren’t sure what to do, or not do, and how to even start.
Maybe you’ve already wasted a pile of money on expensive exercise equipment that just sits idle at home, or gym memberships that you never really utilized.
Or maybe, you’ve cycled through countless ineffective diets that really only left you hungry, tired, and disappointed.
Well, take heart. You’re not alone. Practically all of us have made those same mistakes.
At ASB we are kinda like the antidote to all that. We develop Functional Fitness and coach Real Nutrition.
We define functional fitness as the capability to accomplish all the things we need to in our everyday lives and everything we aspire to in our dreams.
We’ve created a wonderfully supportive community that will help you to stay on track and will inspire you to keep going.
We help people build true self-confidence, to build strength and stamina to do the things they want and need to do, and we coach them to build the life they’ve always dreamed of.
There’s never been a better time to start. So, make the decision today to Kickstart your journey to an extraordinary future.

Functional Fitness Small Group Classes

Our Functional Fitness Classes involve small group training sessions or personal one-on-one training, always under the care and supervision of the most well trained and experienced coaching staff anywhere. Most of our groups range in size from 3-8, with a few specific classes that could have as many as a dozen participating. Each person gets an abundance of personal attention and coaching. Most classes run from 45 minutes to about an hour. Our Coaches can modify, or scale, every workout and every exercise movement to allow each member to get the maximum benefit from the effort and to complete each exercise and workout safely.

We truly invest ourselves into helping you to achieve your goals and aspirations. And we genuinely care about each of our members as if they were our best friends or relations.

Personal One-on-one Coaching

If you are more interested in working one-on-one or in a semi-private (limited to 2-3 people) setting, we offer outstanding Personal Coaching services. Our Owner and Head Functional Strength Coach, Paul Reilly conducts the majority of our Personal Coaching sessions. Paul is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in training and coaching people to achieve their goals and aspirations. More importantly, Paul genuinely cares about each of our members and he truly invests himself into their objectives, their fitness journey, and their physical and emotional well being.


While there are several options available to meet the needs and objectives of just about anyone, everyone begins with a comprehensive assessment of strength, function, and balance.

We call this the Initial Strength and Balance Assessment:

  • It doesn’t hurt.
  • It doesn’t take much time.
  • Involves only a very modest amount of exertion.
  • The results of this assessment allow us to better understand your strengths
    and areas for development and allow us to create a personalized
    program for each new member.

To schedule your free assessment, fill out the form below:

To inspire and facilitate more love, joy, hope, and purpose to help you create your best life.