September 6, 2018

Want more mobility? Move…

I have always had really tight hamstrings. Like drum tight. The only time I ever remember feeling flexible was when I was about 15-16. Back then I did Taekwando. For those who aren’t familiar with this martial art form, it originated in Korea and grew very popular here in the 1980’s. The style involves quite a bit of kicking, front-kicks, side-kicks, roundhouse kicks, all-sorts-of-kicks. Taekwando can teach a kid a lot of great stuff such as discipline and focus. But one thing for sure that it improves is flexibility. We spent a ton of time stretching our leg muscles so […]
June 21, 2018

“What Stands In the Way Becomes the Way…”

As our MidStrong project has started to gain momentum, it is always an inspiration to witness the enthusiasm of our new members! They are excited about getting started, about starting out down a new path that will lead them toward something they’ve dreamt of for years. For some, the entire experience is new to them. It’s fresh. And they can’t help but to share their enthusiasm. It’s just awesome! But, it won’t last. Never does. I’m sorry for my cynicism. But sadly, all that excitement and enthusiasm will inevitably wane. Worse, something else will creep in to take its place… […]
May 11, 2018

Habit #7 – Sharpen the Saw

About a year ago, I was at this conference in Providence, when I learned a really valuable professional lesson. Like any experience from which you learn that something you’ve been doing and teaching, and personally practicing, is patently wrong, I was a little embarrassed and dismayed. Apparently, for years, I had been teaching and coaching a movement that in actuality did little good for most people, but carried with it a higher potential risk of injury than we had fully understood. The specific movement, if you’re curious, is called a Russian Twist. For those who aren’t familiar with it, briefly, […]
April 18, 2017

Member Profile – Meet Paula Skog

Tell us a little about yourself, Paula… I moved with my parents and older sister from Worcester to Westborough when I was 6 years old and went through the Westborough school system, graduating in 1965. I went to the University of Rhode Island and graduated as a Dental Hygienist. I have to mention that while I was in school in Westborough, my least favorite subject was phys-ed.   I was on the honor society, but barely passed “gym”. I was the one who was always picked last for any team type sports! One big plus for me while in college for […]
April 4, 2017

Member Profile – Meet Trish Perry

Tell us a little bit about yourself… I met my husband, Fin, who’s from Dover, MA, the day before we flew out to Stanford University (both of us “escaping the East Coast”), and ended up getting married the end of our junior year (50 years ago this year). We moved back to Boston a few years later and over the next 10 years we started a family (2 girls) and I went back to school to get first an MEd in counseling and then a PhD in clinical psychology. Wow, a PhD in clinical psychology! Very impressive! Over the course […]
March 21, 2017

“Put You Best Fork Forward” This Spring!

Spring forward with National Nutrition Month…yes, that’s right each March the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes ways in which we can all achieve healthy eating and physical activity habits. The theme for 2017 is Put Your Best Fork Forward. It serves as a reminder that each bite counts and that we have a handy tool at our fingertips. As highlighted in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it’s starting with small changes (like one forkful of food) that contribute to sustained healthier lifestyles. Key messages for 2017 include: Create an eating style that includes a variety of your favorite, […]