Hear what others have to say about us:

ACCELERATED Strength & Balance in Westborough, MA is a wonderful place.  The people at ACCELERATED Strength & Balance are great. Everyone is friendly and helpful… I would highly recommend ACCELERATED Strength & Balance…to anyone who wants to get in shape and stay fit.
-Beverly Wheeler

I have been going to ACCELERATED Strength & Balance in Westborough for over 3 months and it has really helped me.
-Beverly Moehling

My experience with Accelerated Strength and Balance has been extremely positive… I decided to try ACCELERATED Strength & Balance based on a friend’s recommendation.
-Jean Shea

Over the years, I’ve been to gyms, hot yoga, regular yoga, step classes, aerobics classes…and each has had its place at different points in time. Now what works for me is ACCELERATED Strength & Balance.
-Patricia Perry

I am 40 years old and started having some serious lower back pain so after doing my research, I decided to go here. The best decision I made so far. The management is very nice, friendly, organized and flexible.
-Ankit Parikh

I have been going to ACCELERATED Strength & Balance for a few years. I have taken the strength classes and have experienced their excellent offerings.
-Donna Mollin

You get a great improvement of energy.  The staff is very friendly and accommodating.
-Margaret Scandalis

Carol Ann: From Facebook
My dad has been going to ACCELERATED Strength & Balance for a few years. I had heard about it through some media. I told my sister about it. She tends to help dad with his planning. From there we worried it would cost too much. It is affordable and well worth it!!! My dad has become stronger and steadier on his feet. I really can’t say enough about his success as well as the staff members. I love this place for him!!!! Thank you!

Tim Horgan: From Facebook
I have nothing but positive things to say about this place and the people who work there. I’m in my mid-60s and in good health, except some balance and weight issues. Like many of us my age I’m concerned about keeping fit as I age, and after hearing rave reviews about this program from friends, checked it out, liked what I saw, and joined 2-3 months ago.  There is a nice site with the schedule of classes, easy to sign up, and helps you stick to a routine. Each class has no more than 8 people in it and the instructors know the ability of everyone in the class, and tailors each exercise for each person. So someone will have more weight, or something to make it more/less of a challenge as is appropriate, push when needed, explains what each routine is about clearly and patiently, and mixes things up to keep it interesting.  The staff and the owners, are all very nice, and friendly. It’s a relaxing environment.

I have gone to various gyms and health places over the years, and this is the best I’ve been to. I’d been going to another local health club and realized I had no direction or guidance on what I should be doing. I did some weights, some treadmill, and left. Not really very helpful. Here we work on balance, core, and strength, and I feel it is really tailored to what I need.

I highly recommend ACCELERATED Strength & Balance.

“The Body Kind Yoga class at ACCELERATED Strength & Balance assumes no prior knowledge of yoga yet really stretches my abilities and greatly improves my balance.”

-Max Hess

Our purpose is to work with people to build a strong foundation of solid functional fitness and real nutrition. We believe that it’s upon that foundation that one can build a life full of health, happiness, and hope.


While there are several options available to meet the needs and objectives of just about anyone, everyone begins with a comprehensive assessment of strength, function, and balance.

We call this the Initial Strength and Balance Assessment:

  • It doesn’t hurt.
  • It doesn’t take much time.
  • Involves only a very modest amount of exertion.
  • The results of this assessment allow us to better understand your strengths
    and areas for development and allow us to create a personalized
    program for each new member.

To schedule your free assessment, fill out the form below: