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What makes Personal Training with ACCELERATED different?

  • We put safety first. Always. It’s critical that we chart a course that allows athletes to attain their goals without injuring themselves in the pursuit
  • Expert in intrinsic motivation to help clients understand their true motivations and achieve their goals
  • Expert knowledge of exercise science, physiology, and biomechanics
  • Compassionate and understanding of physical limitations and challenges
  • Punctual and dependable
  • Driven to help clients exceed their objectives
  • Experienced working with people who may have compromised health issues
  • Experienced training a broad spectrum of athletes and clients from HS Football players and youth softball players to people in their middle years all the way up to older adults


Who would benefit from Personal Training?

  • People with special needs or conditions that would benefit from a more personalized approach
  • Returning to training after an injury and rehabilitation
  • Desire to accelerate their progress
  • More comfortable in a private one-on-one setting
  • As a transition from Physical Therapy
  • Athletes who are preparing for future competition, whether in their offseason, preseason, or in season
  • Those who desire a structured, evidence based, and personalized training plan
  • Those frustrated by slow to no progress in their attempts to get in shape or achieve their goals
  • Folks who are challenged by excess weight, body fat, or obesity


A caregiver should always act and plan treatment with their client’s safety as their first concern.

It’s our responsibility as trainers and coaches to minimize risk as much as possible and to develop programs that help athletes and clients achieve their goals safely. We work closely with our clients to work within their pain tolerance, to recover from their injuries, and adapt to or overcome their limitations, safely –consistently teaching and persistently reinforcing proper form and biomechanics for every movement.


We specialize in facilitating a true understanding not just of what you want to achieve but why. Together we create a roadmap that leads unerringly toward that objective. Then we guide you on the most efficient path to attaining and then sustaining that desired change.


We recognize that everyone is dealing with something and that everyone has frustrations, challenges, limitations, and doubts. We walk alongside our athletes and clients with understanding and empathy, because we too have dealt with injuries, pain, frustration, and disappointment. They are what have made us strong, resilient, and unbreakable.

Our purpose is to work with people to build a strong foundation of solid functional fitness and real nutrition. We believe that it’s upon that foundation that one can build a life full of health, happiness, and hope.


While there are several options available to meet the needs and objectives of just about anyone, everyone begins with a comprehensive assessment of strength, function, and balance.