Membership Benefits

  • Comprehensive Initial Assessment of Health, Balance, and Function

  • Unlimited Functional Strength Classes

  • Flexible Scheduling – members can choose from any available Functional Strength class until it reaches its attendance cap

  • 10% Discount on Specialty Classes

  • 10% Discount on Apparel

  • Nutrition Coaching

    • Initial one-on-one food/nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian

    • Ongoing nutrition education that reinforces functional strength and balance

    • Opportunity to participate in closed Facebook group for recipes, nutrition guidance, Q&A

    • Weekly healthy recipes with nutritious natural ingredients

    • Monthly nutrition workshops/seminars

    • 10% discount on additional nutrition coaching services


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Month to Month

No Commitment
$165 per month

Annual Commitment

Paid Monthly (Save $180)
$150 per month

Annual Commitment

Paid Annually (Save $300)
$1500 per year

Our purpose is to work with people to build a strong foundation of solid functional fitness and real nutrition. We believe that it’s upon that foundation that one can build a life full of health, happiness, and hope.


While there are several options available to meet the needs and objectives of just about anyone, everyone begins with a comprehensive assessment of strength, function, and balance.

We call this the Initial Strength and Balance Assessment:

  • It doesn’t hurt.
  • It doesn’t take much time.
  • Involves only a very modest amount of exertion.
  • The results of this assessment allow us to better understand your strengths
    and areas for development and allow us to create a personalized
    program for each new member.

To schedule your free assessment, fill out the form below: