August 31, 2017

Catherine’s Nutrition Journey

Eat Well to Be Well…  That one picture transported me to a time in my life that was truly a struggle. The tumult that I experienced from a traumatic overseas event coupled with my father’s debilitating mental illness and its effects on my family were simply too much for my twenty-something psyche to handle. Superficially all was fine, but subconsciously I was drowning. As a coping mechanism, I turned to comfort foods…yes, mac-and-cheese, ice cream, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, pizza, and French fries (can you tell I am from GA?). My nickname at the time became “Biggie”…not because […]
August 29, 2017

“I’m Just Not Feeling My Best?”

What’s the right approach to exercise when you’re just not feeling your best?   We have all had days, sometimes weeks or longer, when we have simply felt rundown and spent, where we aren’t quite feeling sick, not yet, but we are certainly not at our best. When we’re feeling this way, what should we do about our exercise and training plans? Is it better to just bag it and slump down in front of the TV or let hours slip away on social media? Shouldn’t we try to gut it out and just slog our way through whatever workout […]
August 1, 2017

Water… The Elixir of Life

You are what you drink?!   With the average adult comprised of ~50 to 60% water…this question has an easy answer (hint, H2O). Consider that the body depends on water for survival…each cell, tissue, and organ need the right amount to function properly. Water helps us maintain our internal temperature, remove waste, lubricate joints, transport nutrients, promote immune function, and prevent dehydration. As we reflect on the benefits of drinking water, let’s examine its role in the prevention of dehydration, one key aspect of healthy physical activity. Drinking the right amount of fluids (water is the number one fluid choice according […]
August 1, 2017

Should I Exercise If I’m Hurting???

What’s the right thing to do if you’re experiencing pain and aren’t sure if it’s appropriate to exercise?   Virtually every day or workout session that I coach, somebody mentions to me that they’re hurting, that some body part is in pain. It’s understandable. As we age, the toll that life takes on our bodies can leave us with plenty of discomfort. Accompanying that pain is uncertainty about how much, if at all, we should exercise. Daily pain… just a part of life. For my own part, hardly a day goes by that I don’t have some sort of pain. […]