November 29, 2016

Member Profile – Meet the Whitins

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce our good friends, Harry and Lucy Whitin. They are Founding Members at ACCELERATED, having joined shortly after we opened in 2013. The Whitins met in college, at the University of Pennsylvania. They moved to Westborough when Harry began his career at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. He spent a total of 44 years there, working his way up from intern to eventually Editor in Chief, a position he held for 16 years. Lucy spent her career at the Westborough Library, retiring after 31 years. They raised their two children here in Westborough. Their […]
November 29, 2016

10 Tips to Make the Holidays Healthier

The holidays can be stressful. They can also put a huge dent in our efforts to be healthy. Here’s some “wisdom” that will hopefully help you limit the damage… 1. Make your workouts a priority. Life is busy and just gets busier, almost out of control during the holiday season. If you don’t prioritize your workouts, you will neglect them. Schedule them. Put them on your calendar. Do them. 2. Honor your commitments. You are a person of high integrity who always fulfills your commitments to others. Make these scheduled workouts appointments and a commitment to yourself. Honor them as […]
November 22, 2016

Can Gratitude Make Us Healthier?

We’ve all known people who, no matter what their circumstances, always seem to find the good in things and in people. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s happened to them in the past, or what their present circumstances may be, they are grateful for their many blessings and seem to consistently radiate joy, compassion, and generosity. These people are a pleasure to be around. Sure, there are times, especially when we’re feeling down or particularly cynical, that these kinds of people can be kind of irritating. But, more often than not they lift others up and their positive energy is […]
November 15, 2016

Superior Physical Therapy Outcomes Through Personalized Care

What are “outcomes”? Every patient who has ever undergone physical therapy hopes for the best possible outcomes in the shortest time safely allowable. “Outcomes” is a term used in healthcare to mean clinical results. I can’t imagine any patient, anywhere, wishing that their experience in physical therapy or rehabilitation to be any more painful or uncomfortable than is absolutely necessary. Nor would they logically desire for the course of therapy to last any longer than the minimum time necessary to achieve the results they desire. Simple logic dictates that the pursuit of the best possible outcomes in the shortest time […]
November 15, 2016

How Often Should I Train? How many days per week is enough?

“How often should I come to workout? Is twice a week enough? What if I increased my workouts from twice a week to three times? Nearly every week I am asked these questions, or some version of them. They are logical questions from people who are earnestly hoping to make important changes in their lives. And, there is an abundance of “expert” advice published in this industry, much of which can be confusing, and too much of which is inaccurate or misleading. So, what’s the correct answer? How often should somebody workout, and where can a person turn for information […]
November 4, 2016

Is Lifting Weights Good For My Brain?

Wait, exercise is good for you??? Duh… everybody knows that! But did you know that a certain kind of exercise is really, really good for you?  It’s common knowledge that regular exercise is critical to our physical health and well-being. We get deluged nearly every day with information and stories that reinforce this well known fact. It has become increasingly clear that exercise also plays an important role in our cognitive and mental health. Is exercise also good for my brain?  A great effort is being made within the field of neuroscience to understand the links between exercise and age […]